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APIPOL BABY nonalcoholic propolis drops

Drops contain nonalcoholic propolis extract.

Propolis extract has been gained by processing of quality and expertly chosen propolis in alcohol media. Propolis has proven antibacterial, antiviral, antiflogistic, antimicotic, local anaesthetic and biostimulative effect, which helps with boosting immune support.

Nonalcoholic media enables wider possibilities of propolis drops usage, with a population that does not want or must not use alcoholic preparation.

Apipol baby nonalcoholic propolis drops are recommended:

 - with cold, flu and sore throat

 - for boosting immune support

- for local use – skin injuries, desinfections


Children 1-6 years: 2-5 drops three times per day diluted in tea or juice.

Children 6-10 years: 5-10 drops three times per day diluted in tea or juice.

Adults: 20-25 drops three to five times per day, in a tablespoon of tea, water or juice.


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