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APIPOL propolis capsules

Capsules contain propolis and vitamin C, as well as beewax and herbal oil.

Apipol capsules with propolis unifies immunostimulative properties of propolis and vitamin C. Propolis interacts with vitamin C so facilitating strengthening of human organism which is daily exposed to various unfavourable influences coming from the living environment. Recent research studies report synergistic activity of propolis with many antibiotics. Therefore, it is recommendable to utilise Apipol capsules together along the antibiotic therapy.

Apipol capsules with propolis are recommended:

 - in the states of cold, flu or viral infections

- for boosting the immune system

 - to prepare the organism before cold periods of the year

 - for the recovery of health after sickness.


One capsule per day after a meal consumed with fair amount of liquid.

NETT AMOUNT 50 capsules

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