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APIPOL propolis herbal drops for appetite enhancement

Drops contain propolis tincture and medicinal herbs tincture (warmwood, yarrow).

A lack of appetite represses the desire for food and postpones the consumation of regular meal which leads to weaker nourishness and sometimes to general weakness of organism. This happens mostly in recovery period after serious illnesses, but also in puberty, old age, as well as in various acute crisis connected to stress after which a lack of appetite can appear, or even total indifference to food. Warmwood tincture is one of the most famous stomach agents and combined with propolis and yarrow tincture stimulates increased secretion of gastric juice and the development of hunger sensation and desire for food.

Apipol propolis herbal drops for appetite enhan- cement are recommended:

 - with a lack of appetite in children and adults

- for faster recovery after illnesses.


15 drops dissolved in a sugar cube are recommended before meals three times a day. Children at the age 6 to 12 should use half the dose recommended to adults (7 drops).


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