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APIPOL propolis herbal drops eases stomach difficulties

Drops contain propolis tincture and medicinal drops tincture (nettle, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian).

Lemon balm tincture and valerian tincture have a relaxing effect. Chamomile tincture has a mild antiinflammatory effect and removes cramps, while nettle tincture decreases flatulence and heartburn. Propolis increases the effect. Drops help with stomach difficulties caused by nerve, stress, spicy food and with coffee overconsumption. Herbs and propolis combination sooths stomach, removes cramps and pain, flatulence and feeling of burning. Combined with drops for relaxation even better and longlasting effect can be achieved.

Apipol propolis herbal drops as an aid for stomach difficulties are recommended:

- with flatulence

 - with stomach problems such as heartburn and cramps

- with stress and irregular food consumation.


20 drops dissolved in a tablespoon of water or tea before meals 2-3 times a day.


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