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APIPOL propolis herbal drops facilitates weight reduction

Drops contain propolis tincture and medicinal herbs tinctures (tormentil, yarrow, lemon balm). Tormentil, yarrow and lemon balm tinctures have a soothening effect on stomach, repress hunger sensation, removes unpleasant stomach and intenstine cramps, as well as neurosis which occurs frequently with all kinds of diets. Propolis stimulates the effect. Should you feel nervous, you can additionally take some drops for relaxation.

Apipol propolis herbal drops for faster weight reduction are recommended:

- with body overweight

 - for organism detoxification.


20 drops dissolved in a tablespoon of water or a low-cal drink before meals five times a day.

If permanent results are desired, a treatment should last for at least four weeks and include a reduced intake of sugar and fat. Consumation of low-cal drinks and water is necessary, as much as you can. If you keep to such a diet, the recommended drops will help you to fully repress the hunger sensation and to accelerate the digestion and urination.


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