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APIPOL propolis herbal drops for liver metabolism enhancement

Drops contain propolis tincture and medicinal herbs tincture (cumin, mint, chamomile, artichoke).

Propolis and cumin, artichoke and peppermint tinctures contain components that stimulate gall secretion and flushing of the gall bladder, which decreases the possibility of gall stone production and gall tract inflammation. Chamomile tincture has an antiinflammatory effect. The drops help with relieving troubles (pain and load in liver area after an abundant and fatty meal) and with reaching normal liver and gall function.

Apipol propolis herbal drops for liver metabolism enhancement are recommended:

- with troubles caused by liver and gall function disorders

- after an abundant meal.


2-3 times per day, 20-30 drops dissolved in a tablespoon of tea or water, after a meal.


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