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APIPOL propolis herbal drops for relaxation

Drops contain propolis tincture and medicinal herbs tincture (valerian, hop, lemon balm, peppermint). Valerian tincture, hop tincture, lemon balm tincture and peppermint tincture have a relaxing effect. The drops are effective with neurosis and insomnia, as well as with stomach neurosis, and are proven to be a great help with daily irritability, anxiety and stress. They can be combined with other propolis herbal drops that are effective with problems caused by physical tension, directly or indirectly. They are also effective if combined with heart drops, stomach drops, kidney and bladder drops, as well as with drops for reducing weight in the period of dieting.

Apipol propolis herbal drops are recommended:

- with irritability and tension

 - with insomnia

- with overexposure to stress


10-15 drops dissolved in a sugar cube or tablespoon of water 2-3 times a day, or 30 drops dissolved in a tablespoon of water at bedtime, respectively.


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