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APIPOL propolis ointment

The ointment contains propolis tincture embed- ded in the proper grease base.

Propolis extract has proven antiinflammatory, an- tibacterial, antiviral, antimicotic and regenerative effect on skin cells. With its characteristics of a natural antioxidant it prevents ointment spoilage and contributes to the effects mentioned above.

Apipol propolis ointment is recommended: - for enhanced healing of small injuries, scraches

and skin wounds - for burns healing - for relaxing of irritated skin after long solarization - for removing of fungus infections between toes,

on nails and body - for preventing and soothening of diaper rash - for speeding up of healing and superinfection

with herpes - for scrach reduction and irritation with broken ca-

pillaries and with enhanced venous track - for soothening of rough skin on elbows and heels - for soothening of jelly fish burns, insects stings

and wigs.


For external use only! Apply the ointment onto the problem area two to three times per day.


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