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APIPOL vaporizer – an inhalation dish

Apipol vaporizer with APIPOL propolis vaporizer drops help you with the symptoms of cold and congested nasal passages.

Inhalation of vapor for respiratory relief is one of the ancient ways of stimulating removal of secre- tion accumulated by an upper respiratory tract inflammation. Secretion removal contributes to bronchial passability thus allowing less difficult breathing.


Rinse with warm water and dry vaporizer before and after use.


Fill the lower part of the vaporizer (a dish for in- halation liquid preparation) with 0.5 l of hot wa- ter. Add 5-30 Apipol vaporizer drops. Put the dish on an even surface, cover it with the anatomic part over which the patient leans and inhales, in a sitting position, inhaling vapor deeply through open mouth or nose for about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep yourself warm after the treatment.

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