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APIPRO oral spray


Apipro oral mouth spray, by creating a protective film soothes irritated and inflamed throat and reduces irritation of the oral cavity. These are symptoms that often accompany certain urban living conditions, particularly air-conditioned rooms, and almost always cold from different origins (flu, viral infection).
Spray creates a thin protective film that easily adheres to the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. Glycerol contributes to a uniform dispersion of ingredients in layer that acts as barrier for harmful external agents (polluted air, air-conditioned rooms, microorganisms) and at the same time soothes the sore throat.
Essential oil of peppermint corrects flavor of the spray in the mouth, leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.



Spray Apipro propolis spray on throat mucosa 2-3 times per day.

An applicator on the bottle facilitates the treatment of not easily accessible regions of the mouth and laryngeal mucous membrane, thus enhancing efficacy of the spray.



20 ml

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