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APITUSIK honey syrup with thyme and propolis tinctures

Syrup contains: honey, thyme tincture, and propo- lis tincture.

Apitusik honey syrup is a combination of apian products and healing herbs which unifies the he- aling properties of honey, thyme tincture and pro- polis tincture. Honey is a natural substance with verified antimicrobial effect, and propolis also has immunostimulative characteristics, apart from its antimicrobial property.

Thyme tincture is a natural expectorant, that is, a substance that enables expectoration so that it stimulates diluting and excretion of phlegm. Propolis and honey significantly contribute to its efficacy because they act on the pharyngeal mu- cous membrane antibacterially so to accelerating its regeneration.

Apitusik honey syrup with thyme and propolis tinctures is recommended for the facilitation of expectoration with the symptoms of - cold, flu or viral infections

- pharyngitis and bronchitis - productive coughing.


Children from 3 to 12 years of age - 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) of syrup 3 times daily after meals.

Children above 12 years of age and adults - 1 teaspoonful of syrup 3-5 times daily after meals and another teaspoonful at bedtime, if needed.

Shake before use!


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