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EHINAL pastilles with Echinacea and propolis

Pastilles contain: Echinacea (Echinacea angustifo- lia), propolis, acerola, marsh mallow, and vitamin C.

Proven combination that unifies the properties of Echinacea and propolis, supported by the proper- ties of natural vitamin C from acerola extract (Ame- rican cherry), reduces the irritation of sore throat and contributes to faster recovery of organism. In addition to its proven antimicrobial effect, propo- lis has, like Echinacea, strong immunostimulative effect on human organism. Marshmallow extract supplement sooths throat mucosa and enhances the total effect.

Ehinal C pastilles with Echinacea and propolis are recommended: - in the states of cold, flu, and viral infections - in the states of exhaustion and decreased immu-

ne functions - to sooth sore throat.


Children: 1-2 pastilles per day.

Adults: melt 1-3 pastilles in the mouth once a day

Pastilles are warmly recommended, due to their pleasant taste and melting in the mouth, to the persons who have difficulties with pills swallow- ing.

NETT AMOUNT 30 pastilles (1 g each)

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