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Honey syrup with plantain and marshmallow


No sugar added – contains only natural sugars


Honey syrup with plantain and marshmallow is a natural mixture of honey and medicinal herbs combining the confirmed medicinal properties of honey, greater plantain leaf and marshmallow root in one product. Honey, by virtue of its exceptional composition (organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, grains of pollen, essential oils, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and other) has from ancient times been considered „sacred food“ and, because of its nutritive properties, has been widely consumed. Honey improves functioning of all body organs, stimulates mental and physical activity, enhances immunity and gives strength to the whole body. Thus it helps fight infections, and its significant antiseptic action contributes to the convalescence from common cold and flu which are usually accompanied by cough. Plantain is often used in the treatment of cough, because its mucilage, covering the mucosa of the throat and pharynx, forms a protective layer and thus mechanically inhibits stimulus to cough. It also soothes inflammation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa (it has been confirmed that certain substances in the plantain leaf have antibacterial and antibiotic action). Marshmallow root dry extract relieves muscle spasm in the respiratory tract, covers mucous membranes and suppresses dry, irritative cough.

Syrup has a pleasant taste and is recommended for children and adults suffering from dry, irritative cough that accompanies upper respiratory infections. The syrup does not contain alcohol and is suitable for persons who, for any reason, must not or do not want to take alcohol.



Children from 3 to 6 years of age - 1/2 spoonful of syrup (2.5 ml) 3 times daily, children from 6 to 12 years of age - 1 spoonful of syrup (5 ml) 3 times daily, adults - 1 spoonful of syrup (5 ml) 4-5 times daily. The syrup should preferably be taken after meals. Agitatebefore use!



100 ml

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