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Paxoderma cream

Cream contains comfrey extract embedded in the proper base.

PAXODERMA® cream is suitable for care of all types of dry and damaged skin. It is helpful in the treatment of lichens, eczema and mild skin inflammations.

It is also helpful in treatment of (atopic, allergic or contact) neurodermatitis, as well as in treating cases of severe psoriasis.

Due to its good and fast effectiveness and especially due to its safety, it can be used in pregnant women, babies, children and adults. It can be used continuously for long period without any undesired consequences.

PAXODERMA® cream is easily absorbed. It hydrates and softens the skin and relieves itching and burning. By prolonged use it normalizes the skin of the horny layer and helps in regeneration the lipid layer.


For external use only!

Apply the cream to the problem area twice to three times daily.


60 g

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