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PROPIAKNIN propolis ointment for treatment of acne

Ointment contains propolis tincture and sulfogiro- dal embedded in the proper grease base.

Propolis extract embedded in Propiaknin oin tment is very effective with sebaceous gland secretion and with retrieving natural balance with young skin damaged by acne and blackheads. Sulfogirodal is a mild ceratolitic that enables„ope- ning“ of sebaceous glands. Same as propolis, it has an antiinflammatory effect which helps with skin softening and faster healing of damaged skin parts. Acne are retreating and skin looks healthier.

Propiaknin ointment with propolis is recommen- ded: - with appearance of acne on body skin and face

(Acne vulgaris) - when acne are sore, closed and painful - with irritated and problematic young skin cove-

red with acne and blackheads - for relieving of consequences of sea-urchin stings.


For external use only!

Apply a thin layer of the cream on skin, preferably in the evening, before going to sleep.


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