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PROPIREUMIN® propolis ointment for aid in rheumatic difficulties for massage in treating sports injuries

Ointment contains propolis tincture, menthol and camphor embedded in the proper grease base.

Propolis as the main component reduces inflam- mation and pain with rheumatic difficulties and sport trauma without external injuries. Small doses of menthol and camphor enhance circulation and produce cooling effect, contributing to analgetic effect in the application area (massage).

PROPRIREUMIN propolis ointment is recommen- ded: - with acute and subacute rheumatic disorders

(pain and stiffness of joints) - with outer joint rheumatism (sciatica, tendoni-

tis, myoneuralgia, lumbago and localized infla- mmatory disorders of painful soft connective structures

- with sport injuries (spraining and wrenching) - with microtrauma and concussion where there was no skin damage and under skin tissue da-

mage - with fatigue and leg cramps.


For external use only!

Rub the ointment gently on the problem area se- veral times per day.


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