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VITAROJAL pearls with lyophilised royal jelly

Pearls contain lyophilised royal jelly (23.30 mg), and soya lecithin, beeswax and refined soya oil.

Royal jelly has been known for a long time as a natural elixir that keeps health and vitality!

Vitarojal pearls contain royal jelly which retained its all high quality characteristics due to the pro- cess of lyophilisation. A soft capsule, filled with vegetable oil, enables easy swallowing and is of a pleasant taste. Thanks to the pearls the organism strengthens naturally and its immunity increases in adults, children and older people. Therefore the capsules are recommended before expected higher psychophysical efforts, like studying, sport, etc., as well as in the period of recovery after seri- ous, long-lasting illnesses.

Vitarojal pearls with lyophilised royal jelly are re- commended for: - natural strengthening of the immunity system - preparing human organism before strenuous

psycho-physical efforts - strengthening and recovery after illness - preserving vitality in adult age.


3 x 1 pearl daily after a meal!


25 pearls

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