Cough - not a disease but a symptom of respiratory diseases.


Cough is a defensive mechanism that releases the airways of foreign particles, secretions and other substances that stimulate the mucous membranes.

Cough is a nonspecific symptom and occurs in all diseases, and some of its characteristics may help us in finding the real cause.


We distinguish productive cough (wet) of unproductive (dry, irritating)

As we have said, cough is a defensive system of the organism, and it should not be suppressed, but ease.

At productive cough a secretion occurs, which is necessary to dilute it and run thick secretions in the airways. Coughing is useful because it allows mobility of the respiratory tract and it should be encouraged and facilitated.

Dry or nonproductive cough is not useful and should be turned away.


HERBAL SYRUPS are the most popular means to calm the cough.

Against dry cough Apipol honey syrup with macerate of marshmallow root and tincture of propolis is recommended.

Macerate of marshmallow root coats irritated mucous membranes reducing smooth muscle spasms of the airways and irritation to cough.

Against a productive cough Apitusik honey syrup with Thymi herba tincture and propolis is recommended because Thymi herba is a natural expectorant; it provides cough up as it stimulates the thinning and excretion of secretion.


Propolis and honey contribute to performance because they are bee products that have proven antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and other properties.


Dr. Martina Bedenicki